Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Clinique Skinny Meets Chubby Set: Review and Swatches

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.
I picked up the Clinique Skinny Meets Chubby gift set ($27.50) back in November, as it seemed like a good way to try two of Clinique's eye products that were new to me: the Skinny Tints eye liners and the Chubby Shadow Tints. Mine arrived with two of the bullets loose (hence the damage you see above), but it was easy enough to fix so I did not return them. The set does give you a bit of savings as it's worth $45, and it's still available at Nordstrom, which is also having a Clinque GWP offer at the moment.

The set contains:
  • Bountiful Beige Chubby Stick (0.04 oz.)
  • Skinny Jeans Skinny Stick (0.001 oz.)
  • Lavish Lilac Chubby Stick (0.04 oz.)
  • Petite Plum Skinny Stick (0.001 oz.)
  • Ample Amber Chubby Stick (0.04 oz.)
  • Slim Sable Skinny Stick (0.001 oz.)

The Chubby Sticks are super easy to use for a one and done lid color and once they set I got a good 8 hours of wear on my oily lids (over primer, always). They are not what I would call impactful colors, as the shades are soft but do have a nice luminosity on the lid. I like 'em for an easy day look.
The Skinny Sticks leave me a bit ambivalent, as I was hoping they would be good waterline liners. I can get maybe 2 hours of wear on the water line but they seem to fade pretty quickly. I would not call these soft liners either, as it takes a bit of pressure to lay down color. I did not have any migration or smudging issues when worn on the upper lids, so there's that.
Ample Amber + Skinny Jeans

Bountiful Beige + Petite Plum
Lavish Lilac + Petite Plum
Overall I'd say I like the Chubby Sticks more than the Skinny, and I'll be reaching for the Chubsters again.

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