Monday, January 11, 2016

Dial Up Your Glam Multidimensional Orbital Eyeshadow in Luna by Julep

Luna ($18, Maven price $14.40) is one of Julep's eyeshadows from the Dial Up Your Glam line, which are billed as "multidimensional eyeshadow with triple the pigment for intense brightness".  I chose Luna in December's Maven box as I thought it would be a good highlighting shade, and after about 3 weeks of use I thought it was time to give my impressions.
Luna is a white gold that does indeed pack good pigment and provides a really nice pop of shimmer on my lid.  You get a hefty 3.5 g, which is over double the size of a Urban Decay shadow, for example.  Packaging is a bit bulky IMO, although it feels sturdy and you do get a small mirror in the lid.  I use my finger to apply and it only takes one or two swipes to build up just the right amount of color.
Julep also claims that these shadows blend the color payoff of a cream shadow with the layering power of a powder, and I do think the texture is more creamy in the sense that I do not get much powder kickup.  Since Luna is more of a highlight than all over kind of color, I haven't really tested it for blending out or wet, which is supposed to intensify the color.
Finger swipe, dry
I also like using Luna as a highlighter on my cupids bow and on the bridge of my nose, again generally using my finger.  Overall, I'm impressed with Luna and think Julep is definitely improving in their development of cosmetics.  I know there were lots of not so happy rumblings when Julep started branching out from nail products, but I've been a fan of several of the cosmetics, such as the gel eye pencils and pressed facial highlighter.

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