Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Julep Boho Glam for January: New Year, Fresh Look

January's Maven box got to me really early this time, perhaps because I did no add on's and just got the basic Boho Glam box.  So let's take a look!
The Boho Glam polishes are the dark taupe Marika and the icy blue holo Tali. Marika is one of the newer matte metallic finishes (you can see an example of the finish here with the gold Kerry) while Tali is described as a "Glacier breeze linear liquid holographic".

The holo looks rather muted to me, but I've yet to try either on my nails.  They both evoke colder weather however, which is perfect now that temps are dipping into the 30's here at night in Mobile.  At least the rain stopped.
 This month featured some new neutral colors in the Its Balm Full Coverage Lip Crayons ($20), and I chose Dusty Orchid Shimmer.  I do like the formula of these lip crayons as they feel quite light on the lips yet still provide both color and hydration.  

Dusty Orchid Shimmer is a warm leaning peachy rose that darkens my lips slightly from their natural color and provides a soft glossy look.  I found it quite comfortable to wear while out spending a Christmas gift card on Sunday, with a respectable wear time of 3-4 hours.  Great everyday color.
Bare lips
Dusty Orchid Shimmer
I also got a gift code for a free It's Whipped Matte Lip Mouse (with purchase), but the one Bisou color I'd like to get appears to be out of stock.  Oh well, maybe it will come back in stock before the gift code expires.
Wearing Dusty Orchid Shimmer

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