Thursday, January 7, 2016

Loving Your Unloved for January: Estee Lauder 2014 Color Portfolio

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.
If you are unfamiliar with the "Loving Your Unloved" series, it's where I focus on an item that's been languishing largely unused in my collection and use it for a month.  It gives me an opportunity to really delve into the product(s) and form solid opinions that help me to know if it should stay or go in the long run.  
My pick for the January edition of "Loving Your Unloved" is Estee Lauder's Color Portfolio from 2014.  It features 30 eyeshadows, 3 blushes, one bronzer, and 16 lipsticks, so I shouldn't feel deprived for options.  It will also give me an opportunity to really delve into how I feel about Estee Lauder's eyeshadows.
I already know I love the blushes and my impressions of the lipsticks have been positive overall.  Here is an initial FOTD and the colors used are starred. The momentous occasion for this FOTD (besides being a work day)?  A dentist appointment to get a temporary crown for a tooth that broke over the Christmas break while eating caramel corn.  Exciting, I know.  My face is still numb as I'm typing this.
I used Nude Fresco all over the eye up to the crease/brow bone, with Pretty Penny and Raisin blended together in the crease and upper/lower lashline area.  I've been going for more subtle eye looks lately and I liked how this one turned out. The liner is Urban Decay's discontinued 24/7 eye pencil in 1999.
The lips are a blend of the Pure Color lipsticks in 118 Bois de Rose and 187 Sunstone.  Considering I was sneezing all morning and popping Zicam Rapidmelts like they are Pez candy, I'm surprised my makeup was even still on when I took pictures.
On my cheeks I'm wearing a blend of Lover's Blush with Mauve Mystique. Lover's Blush leans warm and Mauve Mystique cool, so it made for a nice mixture.  Initial impression:  Mauve Mystique has silver shimmers in it and I get more shimmer than color.  I'll have to play with this one.  I bronzed lightly with Sun Goddess in medium.

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