Wednesday, October 23, 2013

L'Oreal Colour Riche le Matte: She's So Matte

She's So Matte, Lacque You A Lot
Disclaimer:  I purchased this.
Another 50% off display at Rite Aid enticed me, this time the L'Oreal Colour Riche le Matte and la Lacque lipstick and liner in one.  Today I've got She's So Matte (408) to show you.
She's So Matte
Housed in a long, thin swivel up tube, She's So Matte is a gorgeous coral pink that lays down lots of color with a matte finish.  The thinner tip does make this easier to both fill in and line lips, at least for now.  Not so sure about when the tip gets rounded down...
I loved the look of She's So Matte, but the feel of it on my lips had me a little antsy.  I'm very sensitive to dry feeling lips, and matte lipsticks are notorious for making your lips dry.  While I didn't feel She's So Matte made my lips look dry or flaky, it did make them feel dry.  When I went to reapply after lunch, I broke down and put balm on top.  Still pretty, but not matte anymore :-)
So, the pros are that the pigmentation is great and I like the finished look, and the con is that le Matte does indeed make my lips feel chapped.  I saw another blog that compared these limited edition lippies to Tom Ford's lipsticks.  Now, I don't know if that kind of crazy talk is true or not  as I've never even been in the vicinity of a Tom Ford lipstick, but if so....you may want to track these down before they disappear. 
Considering they are half off at Rite Aid right now, sounds like that could be soon (regularly $7.99, on sale for $3.99).  I like this color enough that I'll be wearing it regardless of the dry feel, although I'm sure I'll break down and shine it up with some balm :-)  Tomorrow I'll show you the bold Lacque You A Lot.

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  1. Oh I have to check these out, even though matte lip products are drying, I still love the look!