Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Wild Horses Palette by Chantecaille Beauté

The Wild Horses Palette by Chantecaille is a thing of beauty.  I wasn't really sure what to expect as this was my first foray into this prestige brand, but I can say I haven't been disappointed.  For those not familiar with Chantecaille Beauté, it's a luxury brand with an emphasis on plant-based formulas to help reduce the aging effects of inflammation on the different layers of the skin.  This is done by employing advanced technologies alongside centuries-old traditions in skincare such as biotechnology, Chinese medicine, aromatherapy and European flower pharmacology.
You will be paying a bit more for all this goodness, and the limited edition Wild Horses palette costs $83.  If you break that down it's $20.75 for each of the 3 eye shadows and the single blush, which is less expensive than the $30 for a single eyeshadow ($25 for a refill pan).   Okay, I'm now psychologically at peace with the price, as at heart I'm a value shopper :-) 
Ultimately, however, it all boils down to "do I love it?" and yes, I do.  This is an imminently wearable palette for me and I love the colors and finish of both the shadows and the blush.  Of course, I'm a neutral color lover at heart, so that could be influencing me as well. 

Here is what Chantecaille says about Wild Horses:
  • Inspired by warm earthy browns, rich neutrals and moody blacks as seen on the fall 2013 runways, this on-trend palette creates a timeless, elegant look
  • The striking, yet natural palette features three eye shades, Palomino- a soft, creamy beige, Mustang- a warm chestnut brown, and Black Stallion- a midnight black liner with a whisper of shimmer
  • Includes Freedom Cheek Shade, a sunset pink, for a flattering windswept-flush
  • A percentage of proceeds of every Wild Horses Palette sold will be proudly donated to The Humane Society of the United States to help keep our wild horses free to roam
  • Refillable, Paraben-free
Freedom, Black Stallion, Mustang, Palomino
There was some fallout when I swatched Black Stallion, but I think that was because I used a fluffy brush and it was fairly loaded with powder.  I did not notice any fallout when I wore any of the shadows and wear time over primer was a good 8-9 hours before I started seeing creasing and a bit of fading.  All of the shadows and the blush apply smoothly and are easy to blend. 
Palomino has a satin finish, Mustang is a shimmer, and Black Stallion has a faint shimmer, nothing too obvious.  The Freedom blush has a satin finish and I think the description of  "sunset pink" is spot on.  Each of the shades has an overspray on the horse head which is easily brushed off.  The color surrounding the horse head is what you actually end up with once the overspray is gone.
I grew up riding horses, mainly a Palomino quarter horse named Nugget that belonged to my grandfather.  There was also a tempermental Tennessee walker that an aunt owned, but I was scared of her.  I would spend a month each summer at my grandparents and a significant part of that time was spent at the stables either riding, washing, or grooming horses.  Such gorgeous creatures, so I'm happy to see that Chantecaille is donating a portion of the proceeds from the Wild Horses palette to The Humane Society to help keep our dwindling number of wild horses in their natural habitat.  You can see more about that in the video below.
Bottom line:  gorgeous palette, I'm glad I got it!  I purchased mine online from Space NK.