Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Revlon Colorbust Lacquer Balm in Vivacious

Vivacious is one of the lacquer finish balms from Revlon's Colorburst line.  These are supposed to have a high shine finish compared to the Matte balms, and they do indeed pack a bit of sheen.
Vivacious is a medium hot pink that is nicely pigmented and was easy to work with.  I did not have the same texture issues as I did with Unapologetic, namely a bit waxy and consequently patchy on the lips.  Vivacious was smooth and comfortable, with a wear time of about 3 hours.  These are not stains like the Just Kissable balm stains, but they do have the same mint taste and smell, and the textures are similar with the lacquers being slightly more hydrating. 
Unapologetic (matte), Vivacious (lacquer)

Above you can see the difference in the texture between the matte and lacquer balms.  While the lacquer does indeed provide shine, these are not high gloss balms, but neither were the matte balms a true matte.  Of the two I tried, I preferred the finish and feel of the lacquer balm.  I'm not sure if the Colorburst lip balms are now part of the permanent line, but I got mine at Rite Aid and they are running $7-$8. 


  1. The formula of this one definitely sounds better but I love the matte look of unapologetic.

    1. I wish Unapologetic didn't have the patchy issues, but I know what you mean.