Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Zoya Black Friday Haul

I limited my Black Friday hauling to Zoya, knocking out one Christmas present in the process! I also, um, acquired more than a few polishes for myself, as Zoya had a spectacular GWP.  With any $72 purchase, you also received a "Cheers to All" Dream Box of 12 polishes, plus a mini Color Lock System, plus a mini bottle of polish remover, plus the Qtica Half Time Polish Drying Accelator, plus free shipping.  So all told, I ended up with a boat load of polish:-)
First up, I purchased a create your own box set of six polishes for my aunt.  She wears only light pink/peachy/beige frost polishes.  I kid you not, that's her preference and she's quite particular about them.  So, I hope she likes these, as it's not easy to find frost finish polishes these days. 
Gie Gie, Hermina, Lily
Fortunately, Zoya allows you to sort polishes by finish on their site, so that helped, but I spent HOURS going through polishes selecting these.
Austine, Meadow, Clara
To get my purchase price to the specified amount, I ordered a make your own 3 set for myself.  I've got to say, I'm loving the boxes these come in - such nice presentation!
Cynthia, Amber, Fei Fei
The "Cheers to All" Dream Box contained only one dupe - Sarah - and all the other colors are ones I really like and will totally wear. 
Ziv, Timo, Black Swan
Dream, Cassedy, Payton
Stacy, Anaka, Sarah
Dakota, Rekha, Noot
Did you do any Black Friday hauling?  There are soooo many good sales going on right now, I've totally overindulged :-)


  1. OMG this is such a good haul :o
    I didn't buy anything on Black Friday but since I am constantly buying stuff, I make up for my lack of buys on national shopping days haha

    1. I have been out of control lately, but I blame it on all the spectacular deals. I need to go on a no buy for a few months, ugh.

  2. Ahhhh, amazing haul!! I love the Zoya shades - but there are too many about to limit myself to just the six I have so far! x

    1. They've got some really lovely colors - I had a hard time choosing!

  3. awesome deal! My grandmother is the same way about her polish; she only wears frosty pinks!
    I haven't tried Zoya, but now I really want to after seeing all of these lovely shades!

    1. Zoya's are consistently good performers for me, and if you keep an eye on their site, they have some really good deals every few months or so!