Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cheeky Chic Blush Kaleidoscope by Le Métier de Beauté

The item in December's Le Métier de Beauté VIP subscription box was a blush kaleidoscope called Cheeky Chic, limited edition for holiday 2013.  I knew as soon as I saw the lovely wrapped box that it was a kaleidoscope, and I felt alternating excitement and anxiety.  Excitement because the limited edition kaleidoscopes are highly coveted items by fans of Le Métier de Beauté, and anxiety because I had just acquired the eye kaleidoscope Gravite the week before and was hoping not to receive a second one (although I love it).  I needn't have feared:-)
While each shade can be used on it's on, Le Métier de Beauté specializes in layering shades to create more complex colors, called 'couche de couleur'.  I've been wearing the peach, pink, and tan layered on top of each other, with a light dusting of the highlight shade on the tops of my cheekbones, temples, and bridge of my nose.
Velvet Underground: pure-matte salmon pink
Dali:  pure-matte classic pink
Ondine:  silky-matte beige nude
Electra:  sheer gold luminizer
Ondine is actually the least pigmented, so it's nothing to be afraid of.  In fact, you'll notice in the swatch below that it barely shows up, although I swatched it the heaviest.  The others lay down soft but visible color, which makes them ideal for the 'couche de couleur' technique.
Individual swatches
All four colors blended
The powders are finely milled and do kick up a bit of dust.  I find them to be just a smidgen chalky on my skin, or perhaps it's that they do not enhance my skin like some of my favorite blushes do.  Having said that, I do really like colors, and the blended result is both cheerful and wearable.
Bottom line, while I like Cheeky Chic, I'm not sure I love it.  I'm super happy to have received it as part of my VIP subscription, but if I'd purchased it for it's regular price of $95, my joy level might not be quite as high:-)  Maybe time and more use will deepen my affection for Cheeky Chic.
Le Métier de Beauté is currently offering a new subscription service, this time just 3 months in duration and exclusively for their kaleidoscopes.  It is $225 for the 3 month period, and you will receive one kaleidoscope each month, either a lip, face, blush, or eye kaleidoscope.  That makes each kaleidoscope $75, or $20 less than their normal price.  While definitely not as great a value as the VIP subscription, for those that love their kaleidoscopes, it's tres tempting.  I'm going to squelch my "must collect all kaleidoscopes" inclination and pass on the first go around which starts in April, but if you'd like to read more about it, here is the link.  There are limited slots available, so I don't know how long this link will be active.  


  1. All your Metier de Beaute reviews are making me crave high end makeup :S

    1. It's definitely a slippery slope, and I've got a wish list of my own: Burberry blush, Guerlain meteorites, Chanel cream blush....

  2. looks lovely! but $95?! I don't know if I could justify that!
    lol thanks for the review!

    1. Another reason why I'm glad I did the VIP subscription - I get to try these at a substantially reduced price!