Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Chantecaille Save the Bees: Spring Gorgeousness

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.
I'll just go ahead and let you know upfront:  I love this palette.  LOVE IT.  I don't care that it did cost $83, totally worth it to me!
As described on Nordstrom's site:
Chantecaille Save the Bees eye and cheek palette was created not only to give you gorgeous, wearable shades but to raise awareness for the plight of bees and the fragility of our ecosystems. With every purchase, 5% of proceeds will be donated to the Xerces Society to help protect bees and our environment.

Shades include:
- Sky: an eye-opening delicate pale blue sheen that instantly brightens the eye area.
- Honey: a glistening golden highlighter that adds a soft touch of radiance to both cheeks and eyes.
- Beehive: a versatile and flattering grey-beige that can be intensified when applied wet.
- Nectar: a warm coral pink blush that delivers a cheerful pop of color to all skin tones. 
Honey and Beehive
Sky and Nectar
Nectar:  concentrated and blended
The arm swatches are somewhat deceiving, as they look rather delicate, but what they don't capture is how well the colors show up on the face!  I don't have to layer to build color at all - these are soft colors but nicely pigmented.  
Sky on bottom finger and UD shade on top finger
I was originally a bit leery of the pale blue shade Sky, but once I realized how well it works as an inner eye highlighter, was completely won over.  It's similar but not a dupe for one of the duotone colors in Urban Decay's Glinda palette, the blue side of the middle pan.  Sky is finer in texture than the shade from Glinda, nor does it have a pinkish duotone shift. 
Honey is a gorgeous gold, and that's coming from somewhat of a gold shadow connoisseur.  Beehive is a lovely taupe which showed some interesting complexity in the sun.  The coral Nectar shows up so nicely with just a few swipes across my cheeks. 
The gold on the bees is an overlay that brushes off easily, but I've been working around it on the eye shades just to save the prettiness for a while.
Hands down, my favorite palette so far this spring.  I liked the Wild Horse palette, but I love Save the Bees!


  1. Oh my gosh I seriously gasped when I saw the first photo, this is too beautiful!

  2. That palette is gorgeous! I love Chantecaille's wildlife collection.

  3. oh my goodness oh my goodness (annie quotes are always necessary!) This is stunning! I'm speechless!


    1. I'm in love with this palette, no doubt. Annie quotes are always welcome :-)