Monday, April 14, 2014

The Santigolden Age Be Legendary Lip Gloss in All Gold E'rything

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.
All Gold E'rything ($20) is part of The Santigolden Age collection from Smashbox, one of the most visually striking collections I've seen this spring.  I've been waiting and waiting for some swatches before I bought anything, but finally decided to dive in blind using an Ulta 20% off coupon.
All Gold E'rything features the new Be Legendary gloss formula, which is billed as having an airy feel and glassy finish.  My last venture into Smashbox glosses found them to be a bit too sticky for my taste, but I'm happy to report I like the Be Legendary formula much better! 
All Gold E'rything is gold flecks suspended in a clear base (not copper as I had seen it described on some sites).  I liked it best as a topper over lipstick, and the idea behind the glosses is to mix and match them with other shades. 
Over bare lips
All Gold E'rything was comfortable to wear and felt hydrating, with a nice wear time for a gloss of 3-4 hours.  Here I'm wearing it over Tangerine, a matte lipstick from MAKE.  I like it! I can see this as a go to summer gloss option.

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