Monday, April 28, 2014

Sun Club All-In-One Bronzing Highlighter for Blondes by Essence

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.
I don't use powder bronzers often, although I've been on a bit of a highlighter kick this spring.  So I admit it, the pretty design of Essence's Sun Club is what initially sucked me in.  Factor in the uber friendly $4.49 price tag at Ulta, and I figured this was a relatively painless gamble. 
Turns out this is a really nice palette for both the face and eyes!  I've swatched each of the individual colors, and as you can see, they are sheer but do each have their own distinct color.  Blended together you get a rosy bronze shimmer finish. 
You can also swirl just certain colors together as well, going either lighter or darker depending on the colors picked up.  After applying the color with a smaller brush, I buffed with a larger more dense brush in order to blend out any frostiness.  It's too shimmery for me to use solely as a blush, but that's more of a preference thing.  It really has a lovely glow to it, as you can see from this shot taken in the shade.
There is also another version available for brunettes, which features darker bronze colors and some lovely peach shades.  I'm curious about it, even though it's for darker skin tones. 
It looks like Essence releases a different Sun Club series each year, so I'm guessing these are limited edition. 
As eyeshadow
I used the darker shades in the hollows of my cheeks and along my hairline, the lighter shades along the bridge of my nose, and a swirl of everything on top of my cheeks.  I like!
On my lips I'm wearing Essence's Wish Me a Rose lip liner topped with Estee Lauder's Praline Paradise lip gloss.  Essence continues to impress me:-)


  1. This looks really good! I am surprised that it's so smooth and pigmented looking!

    1. I was surprised as well - it's as nice as some of the higher end highlighters/bronzers that I have.