Tuesday, June 17, 2014

BECCA Beach Tint Blush in Watermelon

Disclaimer:  This was a GWP.
BECCA Beach Tint blushes are gel/cream based tints for both your cheeks and lips, although I find them better as a cheek tint.  I received Watermelon as a GWP when I purchased several BECCA products a while back, which may have been what motivated me to delve into the line to begin with.  Well, that and all the positive reviews on BECCA products I've read online.
Described as a bright pink, I'd say it's more of a medium rosy pink that is very wearable on my slightly tanned summer complexion.  It's definitely not an "in your face" color, and in fact I found I needed to build up color in order to have it make an impact on it's own.
My application technique was to place a pea sized dab on a mixing tray and then use a small stipling brush to apply to my cheeks.  You have to work fairly quick to smooth out the color before it sets, but I did find the result to be a smooth and natural looking flush of color.
I've got oily skin and I found that Watermelon wore on me for about 7 hours before I noticed fading.  To extend wear, I've worn it under a powder blush, which lasted all day.  There is a fairly strong fruity scent, but I found it pleasant and it was more noticeable straight out of the tube as opposed to after applying.  As to the water-resistant claim?  I have no idea. 

As a lip tint, the effect is subtle but natural looking.  On their own they are a bit drying, but topping with a balm solves that problem. 
Watermelon on cheeks and lips
I've read that these have a tendency to separate in the tube, so shaking vigorously prior to applying is important, but I haven't experienced any separation issues yet.  I like Watermelon enough that I'm très tempted to purchase the beach tint/cream shadow set available for VIB's at Sephora, but haven't pulled the trigger yet.  It's definitely a good deal at $44, as the Beach Tints are $25 each and cream shadows are $24, and you are getting two of each.  I may have just talked myself into getting the set.
Watermelon on cheeks


  1. Ooo, I haven't heard anything about that set! If you get it, you better do a post ;) haha


  2. I LOVE everything I've tried from BECCA! They are becoming Holy Grail status for me!!!!

    1. I've got a few more BECCA products I'm playing with, and so far I'm really pleased with them!

  3. Oooy I need to get my hands on some of these!