Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pretty Pink Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick by Elizabeth Arden

Disclaimer:  This was a GWP.
Pretty Pink is one of the lighter pink lipsticks I can wear without verging too far into Magda territory.  I'm sure the cream finish helps, as Magda was fond of light pink frosted lipsticks.  Of course, I could be kidding myself, as I also wore blue eyeshadow with Pretty Pink, which may have put right alongside Magda :-)
Part of the Beautiful Color Moisturizing line, these lipsticks are supposed to wear for 12 hours while still providing moisture to lips.  I've got to call BS on the 12 hours, although I suppose if you never ate/drank/talked/licked your lips in a 12 hour period, it's possible.
I did find Pretty Pink to be comfortable to wear and it didn't dry out my lips, but it also has a rather unforgiving tendency to emphasize imperfections, including any dry bits of skin.  No matter how much I exfoliated, there always seemed to be some.  I find lighter colors to be unforgiving in general unless they are extremely creamy and emollient, and while I wouldn't call Pretty Pink dry in texture, it also wasn't particularly creamy.
Fortunately, you'd have to invade my personal space to see what photos capture up close so well, so I'll continue to wear Pretty Pink when I need a lighter pink lipstick.  I received mine as a GWP, hence the basic black tube as opposed to the usual square shiny gold packaging.
At $25 each I'm not sure I'm wowed enough to rave about the Beautiful Color Moisturizing lipsticks based on Pretty Pink alone, but there are enough pluses (including a light staining quality, which was a surprise for a lighter shade) I'm open to trying more.