Friday, June 27, 2014

NOTD: OPI's A Piers to be Tan and Bit Faker by Butter London

Disclaimer:  I purchases these.
I was in a brown mood this week, so when I went to peruse my polishes A Piers to be Tan by OPI jumped out at me.  For a couple of reasons, actually.  Obviously, the rich caramel color was one.  The second was I don't remember acquiring this.  Hmmm.....the hazards of over consumption, or perhaps signs of a declining memory? 
Regardless, I'm happy to have it and the formula was spot on, no issues to speak of.  I did an accent nail with Bit Faker by Butter London, and I liked it so much I need to break it out again, and soon.  Really lovely!  One coat of Seche Vite on top was enough to amp up shine and smooth things out.
I'm going on 4 days of wear as I type this and I've got zero chips and just a smidgen of tip wear.  A Piers to be Tan is from the 2013 Fall/Winter San Francisco collection, and even though I can't remember when/how/where I got it, it's a keeper!
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  1. The second I read your description of it being caramel, my mouth watered because it's true! Haha! And they look fabulous, as usual!

    1. Chocolate covered caramels would be good right now...I'm hungry! I do love the color of this polish:-)

  2. This is suchhhhh a pretty caramel!!