Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Estee Lauder Eyeshadows in Winking Periwinkle, Tempting Mocha, Amazing Gray, Iridescent Violet, & Peacock Blue

You know, I don't see or hear much about Estee Lauder eyeshadows in blogger reviews.  Not really sure why that is the case, but I'm becoming a fan of them and will be showcasing the ones I have in a series of posts going forward.  Today I'll be covering five that would look great together in a palette of their own.
The five below are taken from the LE Color Portfolio palette that I got last October.  Of these, Tempting Mocha and Iridescent Violet are part of the current Pure Color lineup of single shadows.  I don't know if Estee Lauder retires colors and then brings them back for limited edition items (my feeling is that they do), but Winking Periwinkle, Amazing Gray and Peacock Blue are not part of the current crop of colors.   You can still find them for sale at places like Amazon and ebay, however.
These apply sheer at first but color is easy to build.  Formula strengths are that they are smooth and blend together with ease.  Wear time over primer is all day for me, with some fading/creasing on my oily lids after 8-9 hours.  I really like how they perform!
I used Winking Perwinkle in the inner eye corner, Tempting Mocha over the lower lid to the crease, Iridescent Violet and Amazing Gray to emphasize the crease and outer eye, and Peacock Blue over Urban Decay's dark gray Storm eye pencil for this look.
Single Pure Color shadows are a bit pricey at $22 each, with palettes ranging from $36-$50.  However, frequent GWP's from Estee Lauder include LE palettes, so that could be a good way to acquire some colors at a fraction of their price.


  1. really gorgeous palette! Their new quints looked kinda tempting...definitely want to look into them now ;)


    1. I know, those are tempting me too! I can't figure out if they are a new eyeshadow formula or just new palettes.