Friday, August 8, 2014

Oh So Wrong in So May Ways: Key Lime Macaron Lipstick by NYX

I bought Key Lime knowing I'd never wear it outside the confines of my house, but I was curious to try out one of the non-traditional pastel lipsticks from NYX's recent Macaron collection.  Key Lime was one of the few "out there"  colors not sold out online at Ulta, so it joined Orange Blossom in my basket.
Arm swatches showed a hint of the trouble to come, but I do like a vibrant green.  Not as a lip color per say, but still, it's such a happy color.  Key Lime's true downfall was the blotchy coverage, however.  I could not get smooth, opaque color no matter how much I tried.  I'm guessing prepping my lips with a white base would have helped, but maybe not.
I then tried smoothing it out with gloss, which sheered the color to a sheer grayish green that would probably look really good at Halloween if you are going for a ghoulish effect.  
Since this was basically a makeup play day, I decided to do a bright green eye using another NYX product I've had for a while but never use, the cult classic Milk jumbo eye pencil.  The white base did make the BFTE mineral shadows I used pop, although I could see some white peeping through in spots.  I did experience some creasing after about 5 hours, which is why I never use Milk as a shadow base.  The temperamental performance of both Orange Blossom and Key Lime have me not liking the formula of these, although Orange Blossom was definitely workable with a colored gloss on top.  At about $6 each regularly priced, no great loss, and I got mine during a 40% off sale.


  1. hm yeah, I'll probably pass on these! Though, I'm kinda tempted to get one for playing purposes haha


    1. I've seen some swatches on other blogs that looked decent, but I could not get this to work for me at all! Guess I'll have to stick with OCC lip tars, they make some fun colors, and can be used for mixing.