Thursday, August 21, 2014

Jane Water-Resistant Eyeliner in Navy

Eyeliners.  I can't seem to get enough of them.  Liquid, pencil, gel, in a pot, you name it, I like 'em.  With one caveat - I'm not a fan of long brushes with liquid eyeliners.  I have a hard time controlling the amount of pigment laid down and achieving a nice crisp line.  Just too much room for error.
Which is the downfall for me with Jane's Water-Resistant Eyeliners.  I really liked Black Gold (review here), as the gel/glitter combo did not advertise mistakes as much.  But with Navy (which is really more of a cobalt blue), I need more control.
Inside natural light
Outside light
On the plus side, you are not lacking in pigment or color with this one.  On the negative, it's a bit cakey.  The finish is a matte with glitter thrown in the mix, but nothing that screams disco.  The glitter is barely evident, just enough for a slight glint here or there.

I ended up with a thicker line than I wanted as I kept trying to even it out (although I got a perfect thin line on the first try on my left eye, which didn't match the right).  So, Navy was a bit finicky.  I ended up using a different brush from one of my L'Oreal gel liner pots, and I think that will be my strategy going forward.
Now this is a brush I can use
Can't say that I like Navy as much as I did Black Gold, but fortunately these are reasonably priced at $8, and I'm pretty sure I got mine on sale. 

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