Monday, March 30, 2015

Glow Your Own Way: March VIP Box by Le Métier de Beauté

The March VIP offering from Le Métier de Beauté was two glosses made especially for the subscription service:  a sheer light pink with shimmer and an opaque pinky nude. 
I loved the pretty packaging, so appropriate for spring.  I was a bit ambivalent about the gloss colors, however, as the pink shimmer looks essentially like a sheer gloss and nudes are not an easy look for me to successfully carry off.  After playing with these for the past few weeks, my final feelings are....
I like 'em.  The sheer pink shimmer is thinner in texture, which I'm guessing makes it from the Sheer Brilliance ($32) line of glosses, yet still manages to impart shine and moisture for 2-3 hours.  The cameo pink nude is thicker and quite opaque, so it's one of the Lip Cremes ($36), giving more intense color payoff with both shine and gloss.
I also get a good 3 hours of comfortable wear from it, even if my constant coffee sipping transfers the color. The formula features lanolin oil, petrolatum, and vitamin e.  While I'm not a huge fan of petrolatum in theory, I've got to admit that all my best moisturizing lip products contain it, and petrolatum does a great job of locking moisture in. 

I like wearing the sheer shimmer over Vincent Longo's cheek/lip stains, and the nude looks surprisingly good on it's own with my complexion.  The shimmer is minute at best, and I'm disappointed that the lovely color in the tube does not translate better. 
VIP sheer gloss over Vincent Longo lip stain

I like using the nude to top bright lip pencils, as it tones down their vibrancy yet gives a plushness and shine that is really pretty.  Win/win.
VIP nude cream

VIP nude over NYX Pinky lip pencil
The value of the March VIP box was $78, and Le Métier de Beauté continues to make me quite the happy camper, shiny lips and all :-)


  1. so gorgeous! I wish the pink shade was a bit more opaque but still!! I really need to sign up for their VIP service next year!

    1. I've had no regrets with the VIP service - such a great way to be introduced to the brand!