Monday, March 16, 2015

Rose Quartz Ultra HD Lip Lacquer by Revlon

Rose Quartz is the second of the new Revlon HD Lip Lacquers that I picked up, and my favorite of the two (you can see my other choice here).  I find it to be a very wearable  medium rosy pink shimmer that is understated enough to almost work as a neutral.
I'm not the biggest fan of the brush applicator, but it worked better for me with Rose Quartz than with Sunstone, and here's why:  Sunstone was almost neon at opaque color and thus I felt the need to sheer it out with my finger, making the thicker application the brush provided less practical.  Rose Quartz, however, needed no sheering out to make it a workable color for me, so I'm less anti-brush.
The formula is indeed a more opaque lip lacquer as opposed to a lip gloss, giving it a thicker texture with some tackiness.  Nothing off putting, however, and I found them comfortable with about a 3 hour wear time. 
The Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquers are $9-$10 depending on location and come in 15 different colors.  I'm still liking as opposed to loving the two I got, but Rose Quartz did up my affection level a bit :-)

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