Thursday, March 26, 2015

March Birchbox: Another Solid Month!

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.
My March Birchbox pleases me on several levels, from the pretty box to the mixture of new to tried and true brands, to the items themselves.  Let's take a closer look!
I haven't tried the Rita Hazan Root Concealer in Dark Blonde yet, but it's definitely an item I could use.  I color my hair about every 3 weeks, and that last week usually has visible roots that bug me.  Looking forward to trying this baby out and happy it's the right color.  Sample value is $12.50, as this is half of the size of the full sized. 
Jelly Pong Pong in Ibiza is a gel-based liquid highlighter that is 80% water.  I like to mix liquid highlighters with my foundation, which provides a subtle glow without looking overly shimmery.  Ibiza has worked well with the foundations I tried it with, and it will join my highlighter rotation now.  This item is full sized and is worth $12.75.
Next is a rosemary eucalyptus body creme from Elite Therapeutics, a new to me brand.  With a 70% organic ingredient base, I'm liking how this sounds, although I've yet to try it.  Sample value is $1.18. 

I also received a product I've purchased on my own in the past, Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant.  Honestly though, I don't use mine much, as it leaves a residue on my skin that I find off putting.  In theory it should be perfect for my oily and congested skin, so I'll revisit this just to make sure I haven't rushed to judgement.  *I did use it the last two nights, and my skin looked better in the morning.  Night time use solves the residue issue, as I can live with that overnight.  Sample value is $6.50. 
Last up is a clarifying shampoo ($3.76) and hair reconstructing masque ($2.84) from Number 4 Hair Care.  I've liked all of the N4 products I've received thus far from Birchbox, it seems like a solid brand.  I needed a clarifying shampoo (I've been know to use dish washing liquid to remove product buildup, not kidding), and after one use I'd say this one does the job.
The total value of my March Birchbox is $39.53, another solid month from Birchbox!

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