Thursday, March 5, 2015

Revlon Sunstone Ultra HD Lip Lacquer

 Disclaimer:  I purchased this.
Warm weather is coming, warm weather is coming  By this time of year, that refrain is usually starting to get more insistent in my brain.  I can only imagine what the harder hit parts of the country are experiencing with their weather wows, but in this part of the world it's cold and wet.  Whines this thin-blooded Gulf Coast resident.
So, bright coral hues are starting to be worn, just to reinforce that warm weather is coming.  Sunstone Ultra HD Lip Lacquer (~$9), a newish formula by Revlon, fits the bill with it's coral leaning orange color.  I get why this is called a lip lacquer as opposed to a lip gloss, as you can easily get opaque color with this baby.  I actually prefer it sheered out, as it's a bit too neon for me worn opaque.
It's a thicker formula with a fair amount of stickiness/tack.  I do NOT like the lip brush, and end up using it to put some on the middle of my lip and then spread it out with my fingers.  Warning:  I've had some of the lip lacquer land elsewhere when removing the brush, as while it's thick it is also bit stringy, resulting in that mishap.  Notice the fancy fake gem on top of the tube - didn't Too Faced have a gem topped gloss?  I believe I had a Too Face gloss for several years before ever noticing that detail, I'm oblivious like that sometimes.
Sunstone applied sheerly
Sunstone has a fine and pretty shimmer to it, and if you enlarge the swatch picture you can see some gold and pink in the mix.  The shimmer is not as evidence when worn sheer.  I found this comfortable on the lips and it wore well for about 3 hours on me.  
I like Sunstone for it's color, but I don't love the formula or the brush.  It's not bad, just not a favorite.

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