Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Australis AC on TOUR Contouring & Highlighting Kit

 Disclaimer:  I purchased this.  Links are for convenience only.
Yeah, yeah I know.  Contouring is probably the most over-hyped beauty trend that has probably crested and will be passe shortly.  And I'm not really much of a contour person anyhow.  But this kit was the right price ($14.95) and offered some colors I thought I'd actually use, so I got it.  If you are as unfamiliar with this Australian brand as I was, this vegan palette is animal cruelty free.
You get 3 light shades for highlighting, including one shimmer (3rd from left), and 3 darker shades for contouring.  I like the middle dark one, as it has more of a taupe tone which mimics shadows really well.  The darker shades are nicely pigmented, and while the lighter ones don't show up well in the arm swatches due to being close to my skin tone, they have color as well.
The first shade is closest in color to my skin, hence why it's hard to see.  The middle, yellow toned light shade can work well under your eyes, as the yellow tone helps minimize dark circles.  The shimmer oyster beige highlighter is quite nice, which an understated and finely milled shimmer that stacks up against any of my higher end powder highlighters.
I appreciate the detailed chart of the back of the palette on how to use the shades, being the novice I am at contouring.  These do kick up quite a bit of powder, but they are not chalky or powdery looking on my skin.
Outside lighting
Inside lighting
I got the Australis AC on TOUR kit from All Cosmetics Wholesale & Retail, and shipping was fast and it came securely packed.  This is the second time I've order from this site, and I've been quite happy with them so far (I have no affiliation and links are for convenience only).  I doubt I'm a convert to contouring on a daily bases now, but this kit was an inexpensive way to play with the trend without sacrificing quality, so I'm quite happy!

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