Monday, March 9, 2015

Romeo & Juliet Blushing Bronzed Duet by Le Métier de Beauté

The Blushing Bronzed Duet Romeo & Juliet ($65) was the VIP offering from Le Métier de Beauté (LMdB), and I was quite excited to see it.  I like that LMdB is doing a mix of old favorites as well as new products for the VIP subscription program.  Romeo & Juliet is a classic, one of the two blush and bronzer duets named after doomed lovers.  Romeo & Juliet is the cooler toned duo, and you can see the warmer Traviata here, as I happen to own it as well.
The blush in Romeo & Juliet is a cool toned light pink with silver shimmer.  The silver shimmer translates nicely on the skin, giving a soft luminosity as opposed to any obvious glitter bits.  The bronzer is mid-tone and avoids ruddiness, having more of a golden tan base.  Pigmentation on both is medium but buildable, and I find that you can increase intensity without any obvious cakey effect.  Very nice.
The pan is large enough to grab either color on it's own, or you can blend the two together or a warmer coral shade. 
I'm happy to add Romeo & Juliet to my collection, and continue to be over the moon about the Le Métier de Beauté VIP subscription program, now in it's second year. 

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