Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Abyssinian Catbird by Rouge Bunny Rouge: Stunning

Did anybody indulge in the Rouge Bunny Rouge (RBR) sale at Hautelook last week?  This is the second time I've seen them there, and this time I picked up two more shadows refills and a compact to keep them in.  I was hoping to score another RBR powder blush, but alas, they were not included in the sale.  But first, let me show you Abyssinian Catbird, which I picked up last spring and have just now gotten around to reviewing.
The shadow refills are slightly smaller in size than the single shadow compacts, and less expensive at $19 versus $25 as well.  I've been keeping Abyssinian Catbird in the perfectly functional (and pretty) cardboard sleeve that it comes in for a year now, and it has not suffered at all.
Abyssinian Catbird is a stunning bronze with an olive shift, and it's complexity makes it stand out above other similar colors.  I'm drawn to this shade over and over again, which means I've got more than a few potential dupes.  However, Abyssinian Catbird isn't quite like anything I've got.  Almost, but not quite.
For example, here it is compared to Armani's Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow in Khaki Pulse, another beauty which I've yet to review.  Abyssinian Catbird has a more notable golden shift to it, again amping up that complexity which makes it so unique.  The shadow can be built up in intensity level quite easily, and I usually opt for a more sheer look as metallics are not the most forgiving on my more textured lids.
If you are looking for a complementary liner to go with Abyssinian Catbird, I recommend Jane's Golden Black liquid eyeliner (see review here).  It is similar enough in color to blend well yet the gold shimmer in the blackened base makes for an extra nice affect.
I can't wait til my two new RBR shadows arrive, which given Hautelook's notoriously slow delivery schedule, could be a while.  Not complaining however, as how often do you find Rouge Bunny Rouge at a significant discount?  Not often, trust me.

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