Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Flawless Eye Essentials Palette by Laura Mercier

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.
Laura Mercier is not a brand I've had much experience with, but I've been wanting to try their eye caviar sticks for quite a while.  So during the Saks Beauty Event in February, I bought more than a few Laura Mercier products, including the Flawless Eye Essentials set ($105) that is exclusive to Saks.
Included in this set are an eyeshadow palette with 3 separate quads (you can pop each of these out, which would be great if I could find a smaller case to put them in), a full sized Eye Basics primer in Wheat, a full sized Long Wear Creme Eye Pencil in Noir, a mini Caviar Stick Eye Color in Rosegold, and a full sized Faux Lash Mascara in black.  While $105 is a lot to pay up front, there is value in the set, as all the products minus the palette are worth $92, which means you are paying $13 for the eyeshadows.  And that's what I'll be showing you today :-)
Each shadow is 0.5 g, making them compact but big enough to fit your applicator of choice in.    Swatches are over Urban Decay's primer, and all but three of the colors are limited edition.:

Quartet 1
  • Buff - Matte finish (limited-edition shade)
  • Pink Pearl - Luster finish (limited-edition shade)
  • Java - Sateen finish (limited-edition shade)
  • Bamboo - Sateen finish
Quartet 2
  • Midnight Navy- Sateen finish (limited-edition shade)
  • Glacier - Sateen finish (limited-edition shade)
  • Diamond Pink- Luster finish (limited-edition shade)
  • Sparkling Noir - Luster finish (limited-edition shade)
Quartet 3
  • Violet Ink - Matte finish (limited-edition shade)
  • Topaz - Luster finish
  • Pale Pink - Matte finish (limited-edition shade)
  • African Violet - Luster finish
When I swatched Violet Ink, I literally said "wow" at the intensity of color.  There are a variety of finishes in this palette, and while levels of pigmentation vary, all of the shadows are easy to work with.  Here are some looks I've created using all 3 quads:
I'm enjoying this palette from Laura Mercier and am pleased with the overall results I'm getting!

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