Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Armani Eyes to Kill in Khaki Pulse

It was only a matter of time before I purchased one of the famed Eyes to Kill eyeshadows from Giorgio Armani, and I decided on the lovely neutral Khaki Pulse as my introduction.
Khaki Pulse is a burnished brown with an olive shift.  It has a high sheen but does not go metallic, which works for me.  I find applying with a finger works best, but the formula is easy and smooth, and opaque color takes only a few swipes.
L'Oreal is the parent company of Giorgio Armani Beauty, and if you are familiar with the Eyes to Kill shadows ($32) you are probably aware of comparable formulas in both the L'Oreal Infallible shadows ($7-$8) as well as Lancome's Color Design Infinite shadows ($25).  I've tried all 3 formula's now, and I think the differences boil down to complexity of colors, with some of the more interesting colors residing in the Eyes to Kill catalog.  It's a matter of degree, however, and L'Oreal did release a limited edition Infallible shadow called Bronze Divine in 2012 that was very similar to Khaki Pulse, which I missed.
Above you can see Khaki Pulse compared to Rouge Bunny Rouge's Abyssinian Catbird, which has a more pronounced gold shift that takes it into metallic territory.
Over primer, I can get about 8 hours of wear with Khaki Pulse on my oily lids before I see creasing.  It's definitely a lovely color and formula, and I've now satisfied my curiosity regarding the Eyes to Kill formula.  I could see possibly acquiring another if the color was complex enough, but I'm not sure the difference across the various lines is pronounced enough to make me want to exclude less expensive options. 

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