Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cassis and Currant by Le Métier de Beauté: October VIP Box

I signed up for a third year of Le Métier de Beauté  VIP subscription box, and October's box was très bien.  As far as I know these are limited edition's so if you don't subscribe to the VIP box you are out of luck, but I've still got to show them. Just so pretty!
I'm a fan of LMdB's lip cremes and all the other colors I have are light and/or sheer, so I was quite excited to receive the sheer ruby Cassis.  There are actually some blue violet flecks in the mix, but they don't really show up on the lip.  I'm calling Cassis a ruby because it reminds me of a ruby ring I own, which is a lovely red that flashes pink.  
I find these glosses to be very comfortable and long wearing, and Cassis lasted all morning on my lips even after sipping on a smoothie.  Cassis gives just enough color that I don't need to layer it over anything, and the glossiness is perfection!  Sorry for the blurriness above, that is courtesy of the remnants of Patricia.  Raindrops were definitely falling on my head (and camera) when I took this picture.
Currant is a new product (Lip Verglas) which I hope will show up in stores at some point, because it's NICE. The sheer gel formula does not lack in color at all, so you are getting the best of both worlds here: comfortable lightweight gloss + color impact.  
LMdB glosses are $36 each and I'm estimating the value of the Lip Verglas at $30, making the value of this box $66.  
Currant Lip Verglas
Cassis Lip Creme
P.S.  I highlighted and chopped on my hair this weekend, hence the lighter color. I keep thinking I'm going to let my hair grow, but when scissors get in my hands....

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