Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Fool's Gold Color Tattoo Eye Chrome by Maybelline

Fool's Gold ($9.99) was an impulse buy when I stopped by Rite Aid on my way home from work. I always check the makeup aisles to see what's new/on sale, and Maybelline products were 40% off that week, so there ya go.
I don't remember having seen much about these, but I was intrigued. I've loved and regularly use my Color Tattoo potted cream shadows, but those have a tendency to dry up over time. I tried the Color Tattoo eye pencils, but something in them made my eyes water, so I gave them to my mother. Maybe this is a good compromise?
The grungy gold flecked color appealed to me and is unique enough to justify adding to my collection.  I found the formula easy enough to work with, but you do need to work quickly as these dry down pronto.  I can't say the finish did anything for my crepey eyelids, but I still like Fool's Gold.  Especially combined with the Jane liquid liner in Golden Black. That's the glint you see along my upper lash line, and it really added to the overall effect.
Here I attempted a more work friendly look with Fool's Gold, which turned out pretty good. I used a cream shadow brush from Sephora to blend the shadow after placing it on my lid with the doe foot wand. Worn over primer (always with my oily lids), I had no problems with creasing or flaking.
I've got to say I'm pretty happy with this impulse purchase! It will be interesting to see how long the consistency stays the same, but I'm hopeful:-)

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