Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Finish 17 in 2017: April by Buxom with FOTD's

I finally finished April, the glimmering ice pink lip polish by Buxom. I say finally, because I actually included this in my first project pan, which started back in July. April was a little less than half full at that time, and it took me almost 6 months to empty her out. But progress is progress, and I'm excited by this small accomplishment of using up a gloss that I've had in my stash for several years.
At beginning of 1st project pan
I made faster progress once I took April to work with me, as I would reach for it whenever my lips felt dry. I love Buxom's glosses, from the slight tingling feeling upon initial application, to how they actually do hydrate my lips and keep them from feeling dry or chapped. The shimmer finishes have very little pigment to them, but they do make nice lip toppers over lipsticks.
April Shimmer Lip Polish by Buxom
Here I'm wearing it layered over Tarte's Energy Lipsurgence pencil, which is also in my project pan. It's one of those products that is supposed adjust to your body's pH/temperature (or something) to turn your own unique shade of pink. I have a feeling it's pretty much the same on everyone :-)
On my eyes that day I was wearing Smash and Peekaboo by ColourPop, which makes for an easy work friendly look.
Smash and Peekaboo by ColourPop
In another look, I paired April with the lipstick Sunday by Sunday Riley, which is a soft cherry.
On my eyes I'm wearing Peekaboo again, but I lined my upper and lower waterlines in black for a bit of definition. I like how it turned out, although the liner typically wears off in a flash, sadly.
I've got quite a few more of the shimmer lip polishes by Buxom in my collection, so I don't anticipate purchasing any more for quite a while. They are still my favorite gloss formula though, and I'm tempted every time I see a new gift set come out - especially if they are the mini sizes. Since I'm on a quest to downsize my makeup collection, I will resist.
For the record, here are the 17 18 items I want to finish in 2017 (apparently I miscounted in my original post). Oh well, that will give me a little wiggle room for finishing 17, and I'm down 2 now.

  1. Supergoop CC Cream
  2. April Lip Polish Shimmer by Buxom
  3. Cherry Lip Polish by Buxom
  4. Le Metier de Beaute (LMdB) single eyeshadow in Naked
  5. LMdB single eyeshadow in Peachy Keen
  6. Sunday Riley lipstick in Sunday
  7. Tarte Lipsurgence mini in Energy
  8. Lucky Priming Lip Stain by Manna Kadar
  9. Clinique CC Cream (deluxe size)
  10. Korres Cherry Oil Lip Gloss in Golden Brown
  11. Lo-Fi from the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani face palette
  12. Urban Decay Complexion Primer Potion
  13. LMdB Peau Vierge
  14. stila One Step Bronzer
  15. Triderma Pore Reducing Anti-Aging Serum (it works as a primer)
  16. Blushing Beige blush by True Cosmetics
  17. Nectar Ceramide Cream Blush by Elizabeth Arden
  18. Monster Super Shock Cheek by ColourPop

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