Thursday, March 9, 2017

Swatcharama! My ColourPop Super Shock Shadow Collection

While my ColourPop shadow collection was maybe 6 shadows tops for the longest time, I did acquire a few more during some recent sales. I've been enjoying using them and thought I'd swatch my somewhat modest collection. I've arranged the colors by finish, and we'll start with the mattes.
I'm a matte shadow fan, and all of these are smooth and easy to apply with either my finger or a cream shadow brush (I use a Sephora brush made for cream shadows). Love the color gradient of these - clearly I enjoy warm toned neutrals.
I also really like the satin finish ColourPop shadows, which are also quite easy to work with.  Smash is my most used ColourPop shadow, and I should hit pan on it soon.
The pearlized shadows have more shimmer, but are smoother than than the metallic shadows. I have no idea why I did not remove the tops for the pearlized and metallic shadows. I must have been distracted by the beauty of the day:-)
I have no idea why I have this many metallic and glitter ColourPop shadows, as I don't really reach for them that often. They are definitely pretty and I do like using them on the center of my lids for a bit of 'oomph'.
Last are two ultra-metallic shadows, which I actually like a lot as their finish is more smooth than the glitters.
I know the Super Shock shadows have a tendency to dry out over time, and I did throw out Girl Crush recently as it had ceased to yield any color no matter how hard I rubbed it. I purchased it almost 2 years ago with Smash and some other shadows, and those are still working fine. Looking back at my original pictures of Girl Crush however, it did not look that impressive to begin with, so maybe it was a weaker color/shadow to begin with. Here are some recent looks I've done using these shadows.
Cheeky & Peekaboo
Jinxie & Smash
Just Fur Fun
La La
Wattles & Blaze
Jinxie + Kathleen Lights
Honestly, having these particularly colors has reined in my temptation to buy the Renaissance palette by Anastasia Beverly Hill, as good as it may be.

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