Saturday, March 10, 2012

Azalea City

One of Mobile's nicknames is the Azalea City.  We have the Azalea Trail Run, one of the premier 10K races in the U.S.  Our cultural ambassadors are the Azalea Trial Maids, high school girls dressed in pastel antebellum hoop dresses and hats, meant to embody the hospitality of the South.

We earned this nickname because the city is resplendent with azaleas, which are in bloom now.  It's a short blooming season of just a few weeks, so here are some pictures for those who may be lagging behind in spring flowers.

These pictures were taken at the Mobile Botanical Gardens, but almost every single yard in Mobile has it's own display going on.  Click on photos to enlarge, they really are spectacularly pretty!

Gazebo at the Mobile Botanical Gardens

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