Sunday, March 18, 2012

China Glaze Capital Colours Mini Set

The Capital Colours mini set is an exlusive from Ulta.  I love mini sets as rarely do I make it through a full size bottle of nail polish, plus it allows me to try out some shades I might not have been drawn to initially.  The set contains Fast Track, Agro, Smoke, and Ashes, and Luxe and Lush.  I've been wanting Agro since I first started seeing swatches online, so this set was a no brainer!

Each of the polishes represents one of the twelve districts in "The Hunger Games" trilogy.  Fast Track, a medium beige with gold micro flecks, represents District 6's transportation sector.

Fast Track macro
Agro is a dark loden golden green, fitting for District 11's agriculture industry.

Agro macro
 Smoke, And Ashes to my eye looks like a black base with teal micro glitter.  I can see some purple flashes in the bottle as well.  The shade appropriately depicts District 12's mining industry, and could perhaps reference the unfortunate fate of that district as well. 

Smoke, And Ashes macro
Luxe and Lush is a layering top coat comprised of jagged flecks of color shifting mylar, and represents District 1's luxury goods industry.

Luxe and Lush macro
The mini-set is $13.95 at Ulta.  My local store had not gotten any of the Capital Colours in as of last week, so I ordered online.

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