Monday, March 12, 2012

Urban Decay 24/7 Double Ended Pencil Duo Set in Zero/Corrupt and Uzi/Empire

I love Urban Decay eye pencils.  I love their creamy, soft, no tugging application.  I love their staying power.  I also love the extensive color selection.  When I saw this set during the recent UD Friends & Family sale I knew I had to have it.  I still kick myself for not picking up the deluxe anniversary set of pencils offered a while back.  Live and learn.

This set includes one exclusive shade, a deep matte eggplant purple called Empire.  The other colors are Zero, a matte black; Corrupt, a gorgeous dark burnished brown with silver shimmer; and Uzi, a dark gray with silver shimmer.  All applied well and Empire can be built up to a really intense blackened purple that is stunning.  I think Corrupt will be my new go to brown shade, love it!  The only color that will probably not get much use from me is Zero, as black liners are a bit harsh for my coloring. 

Size wise, you are getting half the regular size for each shade.  Personally, I like having the two pencils in one.  I've got some of the smaller pencils that were offered in a holiday set and once you've sharpened them a few times that can get small enough that they are somewhat awkward to handle.  Problem avoided as these are full sized, so I get variety and function.  Perfect!

Zero, Corrupt
Empire, Uzi

Also included in this set is the Grind House double barrel sharpener, something I've been needing.  I've tried other sharpeners but this one really works well with UD's plastic pencil barrels, as you can see below with some of my other UD pencils that needed sharpening.  The sharpener retails for $10 on its own, so having it in the set is a nice bonus. 

This set retails for $28 and can be found at Urban Decay and Ulta.  UD pencils are $19 each, so this set is really a great value!

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