Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Korres Quercetin and Oak Antiaging Eye Primer

Korres Quercetin & Oak Antiaging Eye Primer was part of the Quercetin & Oak 3 Step Prep kit in the light shade that I recently purchased.  This primer is marketed by Korres as:
  • Corrector: Apricot undertone instantly corrects imperfections on eyelid and underneath eye area
  • Crease Resistor: Provides a 360° smooth, even canvas on eyelid and underneath eye area for long-lasting, crease-proof shadow and concealer wear
  • Antiager: Smoothes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
One of the appeals of Korres to me is their ingredient philosophy:  "We believe that what we leave out of our products is as important as what we put in. We are committed to developing safe, effective, natural products by avoiding chemicals and synthetic ingredients when possible, replacing them with beneficial, skin-compatible, naturally-derived ingredients. Our products are further enriched with plant extracts."  They also have an admirable eco-consciousness, which you can read more about here.

Key ingredients in the eye primer are quercetin and oak (what Korres calls the quercetin formulation they use). Quercetin is a flavonoid with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory abilities found in fruits, vegetables, leaves and grains.  It is what gives fruits and vegetables their vibrant colors.  More information about quercetin and its potential skincare benefits can be found here.  Quercetin and oak in the eye primer is supposed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  This eye primer also contains hyaluronic acid, which binds water to the skin, thus providing moisturizing abilities

So how did the eye primer work? Overall, I'd give it a fair to good rating.  The consistency is a bit different than other eye primers I've used, in that it is not as smooth.  Again, Korres primers are silicone free, so that may be a contributing factor.  The primer does smooth out once blended, but you can see slight vestiges of it here on the right in my arm swatch.  I experienced color fading and some slight creasing after 6-8 hours.  As an under eye primer, it did have the benefit of not settling into fine lines, which I have experienced with other under eye primers such as Benefit's Stay Don't Stray.   Let's say that it worked well enough that I'll continue using it for it's antioxidant and moisturizing components.  It's not the best primer I've tried, but it's certainly not the worst either!

Here are some shots of my eyes at the beginning of the day (shot outdoors) and at the end of the day (shot indoors) after 10-12 hours of wear.

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