Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Body America Organics with Attitude!

Packaging does make a difference.  Rarely do I buy based soley on looks, but I'd be lying if I said it didn't influence me.  However, what really drew me in was the 75% off sign at RiteAid.  I have no idea why RiteAid has frequent 75% off sales, but they do.  Maybe it's because they are phasing out brands or making room for new packaging or seasonal items.  So, given a 75% off sale, pretty packaging, and an "organics with attitude" tag, I bought this vanilla strawberry scented body butter.

I need another body butter like I need.....you can fill in the blanks.  Having said that, I'm seriously considering stalking the other RiteAids in town to stock up on this heavily discounted and not that easy to find brand.  I'd never heard of it, and I'm not entirely convinced Body America hasn't gone out of business or something.  Their web site hasn't been updated in eons, although the parent company does still list them as a brand.

These come in the tub shown and well as a hygienic pump applicator.  I bought the pump version for my mother in the Southern Belle scent, which is peach mango.  She really liked it, as did I.  The scents are realistic without being heavy or cloying.  So, if you see these at 75% off, I'd say give 'em a whirl.  Regular retail at RiteAid is $9.99, so I payed about $2.49. 

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