Friday, March 9, 2012

Benefit Brows a-go-go

Other than plucking strays, I've never done much with my brows.  They just weren't something I paid attention to.  Then, I started reading about how important your brows are in framing your face, and I started thinking hmmm....Plus, your brows can start to thin out as you get older or can become sparse in patches.  The main thing I've noticed are the strays that have started growing above my brow line that have required more vigilant plucking.
But enough about the aging process and crazy eyebrows - I decided to try my first brow product, Benefit Brows a-go-go!  I spent a good 30 minutes in Ulta perusing different brow products and almost went with a set from Anastasia, but they were out of my color.  Having never tried any brow product, I wasn't sure if I should go with a pencil or a powder, and honestly a pencil seemed easier to my mind, but after trying Benefit's Brows a-go-go I've lost my fear of brow powder.  It's easy peasy!

The kit contains a brow wax, brow powders in light and dark, a liner pencil in black, an applicator brush, a brow highlighter in a soft champagne pink, an inner eye brightener, small tweezers, and instructions on how to shape your brows.  I've found myself using the brow wax, the light brow powder, and the brow highlighter the most.  The inner eye brightener is rather hard and I have a hard time getting any on my finger in order to apply.  I don't tend to use black eyeliners so have not tried this one other than to swatch.  It did apply evenly and seems to have decent pigment.  The applicator brush for the wax and powder works well.  The tweezers I find a bit awkward as they are so small, but I guess they could do in a pinch, like when traveling.  This would be nice for traveling, as everything you need for your brows is contained in the kit and does not take up much space. 

Overall I'm pleased with Brows a-go-go, but do find the $38 price a bit steep.  Once I run out I'll try some less expensive alternatives to see how they compare. 

The main thing I've had to get used to is that I know have brows!  It looks a bit strange to me, but I'm getting used to it.

Undone brows

Brows done with Benefit's Brows a-go-go

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