Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My First Eco-Emi Box!

Eco-Emi is a monthly subscription service that is designed to help people discover products that are organic, all natural, green, and animal friendly.  For $15 per month, you receive a selection of products from makeup, skin care, toiletries, food or household items.  There is probably more variety than what I've listed, but since this is my first box, I'm going by what I received.

The items were nicely wrapped in tissue paper and included charming paper flowers scattered amongst the items.  Little touches like that go a long way and are much appreciated by me.  An enclosed card describes the included items, but I like to open the packages without knowing what is inside, so I wait to after opening to read the card.  The surprise element is part of why I love subscription services like these.

Upon opening the post office cardboard box that enclosed the items, I immediately smelled something that I assumed was soap, but turned out the be incense.  I like burning incense although I don't do it often, so that was a nice surprise.   

I received shampoo and conditioner, two vegan mineral eye shadows and one vegan gel eyeliner, a raw vegan bar , a toothbrush, Pomegranate gum, a lip tint, vegan liquid soap, incense, and a sachet bag.  Overall, a really nice and diverse mix of items!  I'll describe the items I've used thus far in more detail. 

Badger lip tint shimmer is an all natural, certified organic, cocoa butter lip balm with added minerals for color.   There are four different tints but I don't know which one I have as it's not labeled.  Really pretty color though, quite intense in the tube.  On the lips it provides a sheer wash of color that feels quite good.  

Rose Gold
Warm Honey

The All Natural Face eyeshadows in Rose Gold and Warm Honey contain no bismuth, no talc, no carmine, no silk powder, no d & c lake colors, no parabens, and are vegan.  Don't let the small containers these came in fool you - there is a lot of eyeshadow here.  I depotted them into larger containers since the original ones aren't practical for use.  I must say, I like these shadows!  There was practically zero fallout when I used them - the powder clung to the makeup brush and then to your skin once applied.  Check out the multi colored shimmer in these by clicking on the photos, which fortunately did not translate to a frosty or overly shimmery finish.  These are both quite wearable colors for me.  I believe I received 5 gram jars, which retail for $3.50.  Plus, Eco-Emi customers get an additional 15% off through April 30th!

The smudgeproof Gel eyeliner is called "That Black" and comes with a brush.  This is a true black liner that has a slightly glossy finish.  Unfortunately, I don't normally wear black liner, but it does seem really nice.  The brush is rather stiff and not one I will be using.  Overall though, I'll be checking out The All Natural Face, as their prices are very reasonable and the range of colors they offer is phenomenal - they've got 89 different eyeshadow colors! 

Revitalize Shampoo & Conditioner by Greenbody Greenplanet are a Certified Organic blend of 14 plant-based ingredients and extracts that are toxin, silicone, alcohol, and cruelty free.  Not to mention vegan and biodegradable.  The Revitalizing shampoo and conditioner are for dry and damaged hair and replenish moisture, repair strength and elasticity, and protect color with Australian Plum and Rosehip extracts.  The shampoo is low lathering, which you would expect with a sulfate free shampoo.  What I did not expect was how easy it was to comb though my hair after using the conditioner.  I need to use these more before making a final verdict, but I've got to say so far so good.  These babies are not cheap at $24 each for 8 oz, but that's about par for high end shampoos and conditioners these days.  If they deliver, well....

Overall, I'm really pleased with my first Eco-Emi and am looking forward to future months!  Has anyone subscribed to Eco-Emi or a similar service?  What do you think?

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