Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bubble and Bee Organic Lotion Stick in Chai Guy

Did you know that some lotions contain up to 80% water?  I didn't, until I came across these 100% organic lotion sticks from Bubble & Bee.  There are a couple of advantages to these lotions sticks, including that they are airline permitted, they don't wash away like water based lotions, and are compact enough to stick in a jacket pocket should you be out and about sans purse.  I keep mine next to my computer desk at home and use it on the tips of my fingers, which tend to dry out in the winter. 

The scent I decided to try is Chai Guy, which smells like a chai latte!  I bought the Coconut & Lime scent for my mother, and she liked it so much she said she'd use it as a perfume.  They also have an unscented version which I got for my scent averse aunt.  I could see this option also working well for guys who don't want to smell like the other available scents of raspberry, lavendar orange blossom, pomegranate, or sunflower.  Or for those with sensitive skin, as the unscented version contains only three ingredients:  organic sunflower oil, organic cocoa, organic beeswax.  Performance wise, they do soften my skin  yet are not greasy.  At $7.99 per tube, these are an economical and convenient option for chapped feet, hands, elbows, or wherever you might need them!

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