Monday, October 6, 2014

Birchbox: August and September, Because I'm Slack

Disclaimer:  I subscribe to Birchbox for $10/mo.
Hmmm, apparently I forget to post about August's Birchbox, and I'm late posting on September's.  So, this will be a twofer, even though they are late, late, late.  I like being able to refer back to post to see when I received a particularly product, so I can't not post them.  It's kind of an archival thing, and if you know my profession, you'll totally understand.  First up is August, which was a pretty good box!
Dry shampoo is always welcome, and this performed well.  However, I won't pay more than $7-$8 for one, and Pssssst! remains my favorite.

 I need another black liner like, not at all. This one by Forever Noir seems pretty good based on intial impressions.  It didn't last long on my water line, but nothing really does.  On the plus side, it did not transfer to my contact lens.
The Dr. Jart+ Pore Medic primer did a good job of smoothing out my skin, and I'll use up the sample.  Hard to tell if it helped with any breakouts, but it didn't seem to add to them, so that's good.
The Vasanti Detox facial cleanser is another solid performer, gentle but effective.  I remove my makeup with an oil first, but this does a nice job as a second phase cleanser and leaves my skin clean feeling and soft.
I can take or leave the Ageless body cream.  I did receive the Ageless shower gel in September's box, so I'll use the remnants of the lotion and layer the two.
Now, on to September's box!  If you read my September empties post, you know that I've been relying on haircare samples for shampoo and conditioner.  So, getting 3 Davines hair product samples in my box is no hardship, as I'll use them.  Just sad I don't have any of the Davines shampoo left to complete the experience.
Haven't tried the Acure Organic Gotu Kola Stem Cell Day Cream yet, but it sound delightful.  Even better, it's reasonably priced at $18.99 and has lots of good reviews on Birchbox, so I'm excited to try it once there is an opening in my skincare product rotation. 
The Real Chemistry Luminous 3-Minute Peel is an interesting product, as it's billed as an acid-free peel whose gel bonds to dead skin to gently slough them away.  I'm a bit skeptical, but it did leave my skin smooth and soft, so who knows?   Could be a viable option, especially for those with sensitive skin.  Love the packaging!
I know Temptu primarily as an airbrush cosmetic brand, but fortunately you don't have to have an airbrush to use the cosmetics.  This highlighter in Champagne is lovely, and works just fine when applied with a brush or mixed with foundation. Below I'm wearing it on the tops of my cheeks and  down the bridge of my nose.
Overall, quite happy with both August and September's box contents, and now I'm ready for October!

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