Monday, October 27, 2014

Earl Grey Wink Eye Pencil and Cream Shadow

Having not forayed much into Butter London's makeup, I recently picked up the Top of the Pops set so that I could try out a few items.  Today I've got the eye pencil and cream shadow in Earl Grey to show you.
First of all, I'm smitten with both of these and have been wearing them all week.  The quality is great and I'm getting really good wear time from them on my oily lids.

Gray is not really a go to color for me, as I tend towards warmer colors.  However, after playing with these all week, combining these with warmer colors totally works for me. 
Outside, full sun
The cream shadow can be worn opaque for a metallic silver look, but I've been wearing it more as a sheer color wash base shade.  It gives such an ephemeral look with powder shadows on top, adding a complexity that yes, I'm smitten with.
Inside, natural light
The eye pencil is a deep steel gray with shimmer that applies easily and once it sets, does not smudge at all.  I've got lots of experience with eye pencils, and this is a good one.
Above was my first attempt, and it was too much gray for me.  I needed some warmth for contrast, and decided on gold, peachy pink, and topaz shades from the 2013 Estee Lauder Color Portfolio palette.
So glad I got to try these out and will be keeping my eyes out for other colors in both the Butter London eye pencils and cream shadows ($18 each).


  1. god, that looks stunning for this time of year! Definitely want to try out Butter London makeup and that kit seems like a great place to start


    1. It's a good set, and I'm really impressed with the quality of these two!