Friday, October 17, 2014

Noteworthy: Rescue Beauty Lounge Sale!

Disclaimer:  Links provided for convenience only.
Rescue Beauty Lounge (RBL) is having a buy two get one free sale until Monday, 10/20 noon EST, with free worldwide shipping to sweeten the deal!  There are some limitations, with two collections not available for the sale:  Italian Summer and Anatomy of a #KDrama.  Given the rarity of RBL sales, however, still worth a look.  For those with a birthday falling within the sale date range, you can also use your 25% birthday coupon, which translates to $10/bottle, or half off :-)  I qualified for that, and treated myself to:
Naked without Polish, Fan Collection 2.0
“It would be a pure carnation pink base. Very basic and very creamy, no jellies (as much as I love them). I want a polish that is opaque in 2 coats. I want the pink base to be filled with a gold shimmer, for the sun to catch the gold and just make it shine! I want my polish to be soft and girlie, but still make an impact and stand out. I want it to be a color people can wear year-round, a color that cheers you up on a bad day."
Scrangie 2.0, Blogger 2.0
 "it is the color of an oil base that floats on water with rainbow sparkles, it shifts from shade to shade depending on the light that is cast on it."
Abi (gomm)
"Clusters of brushed desert plants sway mesmerically with the wind. After a thunderous rain that cleanses off dust and sunburns, Abi captures the moment when that first sunbeam appears and flashes them with a warm kiss."
 Happy shopping and let me know your picks if you do indulge!

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