Thursday, October 16, 2014

Makeup Reorganization

My collection of makeup has grown to the point where it was becoming unorganized, making it difficult to locate items quickly.  I'm a bit of a dawdler and prefer taking my time in the mornings, so it's best not to add frustration to what is an enjoyable morning routine.  Clearly, a makeup reorg was in order!
Foundations and BB Creams
Liquid luminizers
Finishing powders and primers
To begin with, I repurposed what used to be my computer desk as a display table for my foundations, primers, powders, and highlighters.  So many things were getting overlooked because I could not see them.  Well, that problem is solved.
Next, I repurposed a container that used to house my tube pushup cream/gel blushes (Tarte, NYX, Sula Beauty, etc.) for lipsticks.  I swear, lip products have been breeding in my drawers while I'm at work, and I was having the hardest time keeping track of them.
Enough space was freed up from reorganizing the above that I now have clean space on my makeup space, which makes me feel calmer.  I organized my remaining lip items by type (lip pencils, lip gloss, lipstick) so I should be able to find things easier.  I hope.
If I had enough of the same brand/type, they got their own box.  My Buxom glosses fell into that category, and taking stock of what I have curbed my desire to buy any of the new holiday sets.  I have PLENTY.
My blush drawer is stuffed to the gills, but keeping cream blushes and smaller compacts in boxes means I can lift them out and see the powder compacts below.
Eyeshadows take up two drawers, with cream shadows and singles in one and smaller palettes in another. 
The eye pencil situation is out of control, and another reason why I needed to reorganize.  I previously had eye pencils in glasses, but they were so stuffed it was hard to see them.  Putting them in drawers means I can now leaf through them.  Urban Decay pencils (and these do not include the 24/7 Pencil Vault items) got their own drawer, with another drawer for stila, Tarte, Milani, and various other brands.
Urban Decay eye pencils
On top of this container sits the lip balms and eye shadow sealants. 
On top of my makeup table are my brushes, my makeup mirror and another container that houses loose mineral shadows, tweezers, and eyelash curlers.
My makeup table is actually an old stereo unit, including individual spaces for albums.  Don't see those much anymore, huh?  I've got a few books stored in them as well as larger eyeshadow palettes.
The middle shelf contains lipsticks in their container, eye/face primers and mascaras, and my lip tar collection.
OCC lip tars
Skincare samples are stored in a Lancome traincase, and a small chest houses a variety of miscellaneous items.
Next on my list of to do's is to somehow organize my perfume samples.  They've been multiplying as well, and it would be nice to know what I've actually got and would wear.
At some point I'll probably need to invest in some better storage options, but for now, this will work! 


  1. god I love your vanity!! Such a gorgeous little area to relax and do makeup in!


    1. I do enjoy my makeup time in the mornings.....except this morning when the dogs barked at every.single.thing.that.moved. Crazy making!