Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Estee Lauder 2014 Color Portfolio Swatches

Estee Lauder's 2014 LE Color Portfolio features 16 lipsticks, 30 eye shadows, 3 blushes/1 bronzer, and 2 lip glosses.  I've got swatches of all of them to show you, in case you are considering purchasing one of these yourself.  It's a great way to try out a wide range of Estee Lauder's cosmetics and the price is phenomenal: $37.50 with any Estee Lauder purchase.  Fair warning - these sell out fast!
A few of the lighter shades (the matte Sandbar in particular) do not show up on my arm swatches very well, but that's par for the course with nude skin tones.  I was impressed with the how nice the matte shades were in general - nicely pigmented, smooth, and not chalky or powdery.  The black matte was phenomenal (and mistakenly labeled Black Chrome, just like the charcoal shimmer below it).  My biggest disappointment was Enchanted Forest, which was not very pigmented at all.  I kept applying more hoping to get to the color in the pan, but it just wasn't happening. 
There are a selection of different finishes available in the lip colors, and I really like the choice of shades this year!  There is an attached plastic divider over both the lip colors and the blushes, with a  detached one over the shadows.  You'll want to keep all in place in order to avoid cross pollination, always an issue with mixed powder and cream palettes.
While the lip cream and shadow pans are on the small side, you are getting almost full sized blushes and bronzer.  These are the stars of the palette for me, as I love Estee Lauder blushes.  They have such lovely, skin-enhancing finishes, no doubt due to how finely milled and nicely pigmented they are. Very nice.
Brazen Berry, Wired Copper
I also am a fan of Estee Lauder's glosses, and last year's Praline gloss was heavily used.  I can see Wired Copper becoming a new favorite.  The deep black kajal pencil in Blackened Black rounds out the makeup contents, along with a few travel sized brushes that I've yet to touch (and probably won't, as I didn't last year either).  Lots of good stuff to play with!


  1. this looks like a great deal as usual! Thanks for the fabulous swatches! The blushes are gorgeous. :)

    1. It really is a great deal! What surprises me is that it is released so close to the holiday set - seems like they would compete with each other.