Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Blingin' in the Spring with a Rose Gold FOTD

Disclaimer:  Products purchased by me except as noted.
Right now spring is landing with a muggy wet thud in Mobile, but hopefully relief is in sight starting Wednesday.  Good thing, as walking outside into air so thick you can feel it is not how I want to celebrate spring and is contributing to a less than cheerful mood.
Regardless of the weather, warming temps and spring flowers always lead me to the color pink. Want proof of my spring pink tendency?  Here's a link to last year's Pretty in Pink FOTD. This year I gravitated towards rose gold and used some new and older products from a variety of brands. I'll try to suggest dupes for items that are no longer available.
For my eyes I used 2 matte shadows from the discontinued stila In the Know palette, which is probably my favorite matte palette EVER.  Clay makes for a great crease transition color, but if you don't have it Urban Decay's Laced is a good alternative.  I find this soft rosy tan type of shade very versatile, albeit low on the excitement scale.  I used Driftwood along my bottom lash line for a bit of soft definition.
Urban Decay's rose gold shimmer Scratch (old formula) added some bling to my lid while Vasanti's gel eye pencil in Rose Gold was great for lining my lower lash line and the inner corner of my eyes.
I used Benefit's Posie Tint as the base for my blush.  I needed two layers to get it to show, but it is a lovely soft pink that does leave a stain behind, or at least it did in my arm swatch.  I used two of the shades from the Gwen Stefani blush palette by Urban Decay: Lo-Fi as a bronzer and Hush as a blush topper and highlighter.  I'm still really enjoying this palette and think it's perfect for someone with fair skin.
I'm guessing it's gone now, since it was limited edition and I saw it on sale a few weeks back.  I don't think I have any dupes for Hush (thinking, thinking, thinking).  Nope, I don't.  As to a comparable bronzer for fair skin, the limited edition Estee Lauder Summer Glow palette has a bronzer that is similar (you can see my review here) but I have to work way to hard to get the color to show up, whereas Lo-Fi is much easier to work with.
Given the soft monochromatic rose gold look on my eyes and face, I decided my lips needed a nice pop of pink to add some oomph, so I used some Lancome samples I've had for a while.  French Sourire Shine Lover Vibrant Shine lipstick is my kind of color and formula, as it's a glossy but light on the lips flamingo pink.
The Gloss in Love in Under the Spotlight packs it's own punch of color with high shine and some glitter thrown in the mix.  Moderately sticky but comfortable to wear, I really liked it as a topper for French Sourire as it amped up the shine and longevity of wear (about 3 hours with sipping iced coffee).
Other makeup used for this look with links to reviews if available:
Face Primer:  BECCA Backlight Priming Filter
Foundation:  Lauren Brooke Creme Foundation in Cool No. 30 (the best natural ingredient foundation I've found to date.  Love and need to finish the full sized jar before it goes bad, considering the lack of preservatives, etc.)
Brows:  unreleased brow gel from a L'Oreal consumer study.  Obviously I really liked it cause I'm still using it, even though the study instructions said not to.  I'm guessing that's due to liability issues but no damage to report here, just thicker looking brow hair.
Mascara:  Maybelline Mega Plush Volum' Express on upper lashes and Clinique Bottom Lash black/brown on lower lashes.
Setting Powder:  Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light.  Every day, every way.
Hope your spring gives you warm days with cool nights and low humidity, which I will continue to dream about in this muggy mess blanketing Mobile right now.

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