Sunday, April 16, 2017

#365 Days of Samples: Week 8

Happy Easter Sunday to all those who mark the holiday! It's gorgeous here in Mobile, my belly is full from Easter lunch, and it's time to see what new samples I pulled for week 8 of my #365 Days of Samples series. If you are unfamiliar with what this is, it's where I randomly pull 7 samples from my overflowing box, with the goal of using up 365 samples in the course of a year. I learned about this series from Elle S on YouTube, and there are more than a few YouTubers who are participating. To start with, let's see what samples I drew last week and how much progress I've made this past week.
I managed to finish 7 samples this week, which is not bad at all. Let's see what I thought about this batch.
The Verb is an Austin-based brand salon brand with reasonably priced products that is now available via Sephora.  I liked both the Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner, which feature formulas designed to gently yet effectively cleanse and condition hair. There is no discernible fragrance in either, and featured ingredients are:

-Pro-Vitamin B5: Moisturizes and smoothes dry hair. 
-Hydrolyzed Quinoa Protein: Naturally conditions and smoothes hair. 
-Sunflower Seed Extract: Provides natural UV protection while guarding against dryness, color fading, and brassiness. 
-Hydrolyzed Vegetable Keratin Protein: Keeps hair strong and pliable. 

I have two more of these samples and I'm tempted to pull them out to continue using, and I would consider purchasing full sized bottles ($14 for 12 oz.) in the future. 
The Nude Omega Cleansing Jelly is a gel cleanser designed to remove makeup. It's similar to cleansing oils in that you apply the gel to dry skin, and when you massage to remove makeup it becomes an oil.  With water the gel transforms into a milk that will rinse away cleanly, although I would use a foaming cleanser as part of a two part cleanse. I got two uses from the sample and while I liked it, it was not enough to form a firm impression. I'm thinking this product has been discontinued, but I'm happy with my DHC Deep Cleasning Oil so would not purchase anyhow.
For some reason, Dr. Brandt products just have not grabbed me to date. The Do Not Age Transforming Pearl Serum is a staggeringly pricey serum at $152 for 1.35 ounces. Featured ingredients per Sephora are:
  • Juvenessence (Algae Extract): Revitalizes. 
  • High Tech Molecule: Helps moisturize. 
  • Paracress Flower Extract: Helps diminish the look of wrinkles. 
The sample was not enough for me to determine how well it meets it's anti-aging claims, but the price alone is enough to deter me from purchasing. It does have good reviews on Sephora.
Yet another GlamGlow sample, this time the YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment ($69). I personally think GlamGlow products are overpriced for what they are, and I find the green tea leaf pieces do not really want to adhere to my face. 
This did a good job of exfoliating with it's volcanic pumice rock, and my skin felt soft afterwards. Lot's of less expensive exfoliates do that for me, so I will not be purchasing this one.
DHC's Face Wash Powder ($12.50) reminds me of Amore Pacific's Treatment Enzyme Peel, but at a fraction of it's price. Whereas the Amore Pacific version uses papaya enzymes for it's exfoliating properties, DHC's Face Wash Powder uses protease enzymes.  It lathers nicely when you add water but is supposed to be gentle enough to use daily. It did not feel stripping to me, and moisturizing ingredients honey and sodium hyaluronate no doubt contribute to that. I like this and would consider purchasing.
I managed to use up the Fan di Fendi perfume sample even though it's not something I particularly cared for. I found it hard to distinguish what the notes where, other than it smelled strong and somewhat masculine. I wasn't even sure if it was a men's cologne or not prior to Googling, which told me it is a fruity floral fragrance for women. Really? I'm surprised, as it does not smell fruity and only vaguely floral midway through wear. Notes listed are tangerine, black currant and pear; middle notes of jasmine, tuberose and rose; and base notes of patchouli and leather.  It wasn't a scrubber but also not one I was drawn to.
The last sample finished is Urban Decay's Original Eye Primer. I wore this for years when it was in the wand format, but I swear the formula did not work as well for me when it was packaged in the tube. I would not purchase. Now, let's see what's on tap for week 8 of my #365 Days of Samples.  I'll list these samples first, followed by those from previous weeks I'm still working on.
  1. DHC Eye Bright eye moisturizer (foil)
  2. DHC PQQ Cream (foil)
  3. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid Highlighter in Opal (foil)
  4. Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel (foil)
  5. Marcelle BB Cream in Golden Glow (deluxe sample)
  6. fresh Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy (foil)
  7. Dr. Dennis Gross Original Formula Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel (foil)
  8. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer (foil)
  9. Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Lash Conditioner (deluxe sample)
  10. bareEssentuals Stroke of Light (deluxe sample)
  11. boscia Oil-Free Night Hydrator (deluxe sample)
  12. Keratase Resistance Vita Cemont Topseal hair reconstructing milk (foil)
  13. Sunshine Oil by Milk Makeup (deluxe sample)
  14. Eve Lom Moisturizing Mask (foil)
  15. Obliphica Seaberry Hair Serum (deluxe sample)
  16. Hourglass Mineral Veil (deluxe sample)

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