Sunday, March 31, 2013

Empties! Products I Used Up in March

I made some headway this month in finishing up quite a bit of items!  It helped that I went on a trip and took along a lot of foil samples, and those are not even reflected in this post. 

First up are the foil packets that I went through this month.  A standout for me and one I would considering purchasing because it smelled and felt so good was the MOR hand creme in Candied Vanilla Almond.  Lovely stuff.  Another one that I have already purchased and will be reviewing soon is the CoTZ Face Healthier Sunscreen.  I finally found a sunscreen I like!

For the deluxe and full sized items that I finished this month, there were several HG's and standouts.  I go through a DHC Cleansing Oil every 7 months or so, as it's my holy grail makeup cleanser of choice.  I always have a backup ready to take it's place.

I really enjoyed using the  Detox Eye Roller (reviewed here) by First Aid Beauty in the mornings.  I would consider getting another, especially if it was part of a kit.   I love how cold the rollerball feels on my puffy morning eyes, as well as the ingredient list.
The Zen Society Tea Tree Facial Cleanser was another favorite.  It did not strip my skin, did a good job of cleansing, and I like that it's holistic, vegan, eco-friendly, and made by a master herbalist.  I received this as part of my October Eco Emi, which is doing a great job of introducing me to healthy products.
I also liked the L'Occitane Shower Oil, which smelled lovely and was a nice shower option for winter dry skin. 

The Korres body butter is a favorite, although the Japanese Rose scent is not my favorite in their lineup.  The Sula Beauty Natural Lipgloss in Beautiful Stranger (reviewed here) was great, but getting my hands on another is made more difficult now that Ulta has discontinued carrying them.  Really, there were not any "bad" products this month from the deluxe samples or full sized products above!

Disclaimer:  I purchased these are they were included as samples with purchase. 

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