Friday, March 29, 2013

Nordstrom Lancome GWP

Nordstrom has a Lancome gift with purchase event going on, and I decided that was all the motivation I needed to pick up the Kohl in Love eyeliner pencil  in Deepwater Blue.  It was hard to find any swatches of it online, but it is stunning, so expect to see a review  soon!
In the meantime, here is the Purple gift bag option that I chose.   I've been filling up makeup bags like this with skin care samples and giving them as gifts to my mom.  If she finds something in the samples that she really likes, I get a full sized version for her for the next holiday occasion.  She seems to really like this, and it helps me on finding gifts for her that I know she will use and like.  I think her current request is the serum from the Dr. Weil for Origins collection.  Win/win!
Visionnaire is a fast acting serum which is supposed to visible improve wrinkles, pores, and uneven skin texture in 4 weeks.  It's a generously sized sample, so I say bring it on.

I was excited about the La Base Pro, as I've tried a few foil packets and really like it.  It does a good job of smoothing and mattifying my skin, and I have less issues with liquid foundation settling into my pores.  It's similar to other silicon based primers out there, however, so I find the $42 price tag a bit ridiculous.  I love getting samples, though.

The blush is a pretty pink called Shimmer Pink Pool.  I keep thinking they left "Party" off the name, but no, they didn't.  It is described as a salmon pink with soft gold shimmer.  Very pretty, and definitely a flattering color for my complexion.  Shimmer Pink Pool is part of the Blush Subtil permanent collection.
Shimmer Pink Pool Blush Subtil
There is a nice sized .5 oz of the Absolue Night Recovery Cream, which is supposed to deeply replenish skin's moisture and improve firmness and clarity.  It contains some interesting ingredients such as wild yam, soy, sea algae and barley, as well as utilizing a patented process called Pro-Xylane™ to help restore essential moisture deep in skin's surface.  Sounds fancy, and the price definitely reflects that, as the full sized version will set you back $185.  At that price, it better turn down my covers and leave a chocolate on my pillow as well.
The Color Design lipstick included in this set is a plummy pink creme called Wannabe.  Interesting name!  It's not currently available in Lancome's collection, so if you like it, the GWP seems to be the way to get it.  It got consistently high reviews on MakeupAlley, coming in at 4.3.  I think this one will get wear from me, which isn't always the case with the colors include in GWP sets.
Wannabe Color Design Lipstick
Last is the Hypnose Star mascara in Noir Midnight, which is a volumizing mascara whose brush is also supposed to produce a lining effect.  I did not know about the lining effect, and I'm assuming the brush is the same as included in the full sized version, as the straight edge on one side of the brush is what produces the lining effect.
The Lancome GWP is available until they run out, and it does appear that the Purple gift set has run out online but is still available in store.   To qualify, you have to spend $39.50, but the set is valued up to $127 depending on which option you select.  I'll use everything and really like the colors, so quite happy!

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.


  1. That's a really nice GWP! I especially love the blush...too bad I have more blush than I need or I would definitely be going out to get this ASAP!

  2. Replies
    1. It does look lovely - I like that the gold shimmer bits are very fine and add to the overall effect. I'm sure I'll post a review once I've had a chance to try it out.

  3. I love free gifts with purchases! I just got the Estee Lauder one myself, but next time I'd like to try Lancome or Clinique.