Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Natural Beauty Box: February

I've reviewed two other The Natural Beauty Boxes (TNBB), which is a subscription box service for natural beauty products originating out of Canada.  Unfortunately, TNBB recently announced they were raising their price from $20 to $29.95/month due to increased shipping costs. 
  • Wine Delights Beer Natural Nourishing and Extra Hydrating Shampoo:  I believe this is a TNBB product, although I don't currently see it in their shop.  Someone needs to use spell check, 'nuff said.
  • Pharmacopia Verbena Everyday bar soap:  Nice size, smells good.
  • Overall Beauty Minerals shadow in Champagne:  a flesh colored shimmer
  • Kynk Naturals In the Raw Shea Butter:  will make a good overnight hand moisturizer, as it is a bit to heavy for day use.
  • Scentuals Body Care bar soap:  I personally like sample sized soaps, as they are perfect for washing my hands after applying makeup.
  • Selma Valentine Whipped Body Butter in Sweet Sensations:  smells very similar to Aquolina's Pink Sugar.  I've also got a LaLicious body butter with the same scent, so I'm thinking it's a fragrance you can buy to include in body care products.  I like it.
  • Beauty Without Cruelty body lotion:  it's unscented, which will make it great for combining with my BPAL scented oils.  Nice size.
  • Just Pure Minerals blush in Girly Pink:  pretty color, will have to see if the shimmer emphasizes skin imperfections.
February's box did feature a nice variety of products and brands, although the $40.80 value was considerably less than the two previous boxes I've received.  This could possibly be due to the inclusion of a greater number of brands outside of The Natural Beauty Box products.  Their prices were a bit inflated, IMO. 

There have been a few glitches with The Natural Beauty Box subscription service that I am aware of.  I had actually ordered the January box, but TNBB sent out an email saying there was a delay in receiving some of the samples so they were going to skip a month in order to catch up.  I've also heard stories of poor customer service and delays in receiving requested refunds. 

I know that several sample subscription services have had issues, folded, or otherwise revamped due to poor business plans, so TNBB could be experiencing some growing pains or may not have started with an adequate plan.  Regardless, the price increase puts them outside of the range I'm willing to pay for a sample service, as I do get a fair amount of natural beauty samples from my Eco Emi subscription for $15 a month. 

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.

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