Monday, March 25, 2013

Naked Beauty Balm by Urban Decay

I liked a sample of Urban Decay's Naked Beauty Balm enough to buy the full sized version, and now that I've been wearing it for a while, thought it was time for a review. 

First off, I view this as more of a primer than a BB cream.  It does not provide enough coverage for me to wear on it's own, but it does do a good job of smoothing and mattifying my skin.  I've had equal success with using powder and liquid foundations on top of Naked Skin.  Liquid foundations blend more easily and I have less issues with foundation settling into my pores.
I'm not sure I'd say that Naked Skin performs better than several other primers I've tried, but I do like that it contains a sunscreen and potential anti-aging skin treatment benefits.  Here is Urban Decay's description of what the Naked Skin Beauty Balm can do:
  • Perfects: Optical blurring pigment instantly evens out skin tone and minimizes pores, lines, wrinkles and redness.
  • Protects: SPF 20 shields skin from sun damage and Pepha®-Protect helps inhibit DNA damage.
  • Treats: Vitasource™ and dGlyage® firm skin, improve elasticity and provide measurable anti-aging benefits.
  • Primes: Extremely blendable formula creates a smooth finish so makeup goes on beautifully and stays put.
  • Hydrates: Moisturizing but never greasy, Naked Skin Beauty Balm hydrates skin instantly and improves hydration over time.
There is a slight tint that is barely evident once blended, but enough that if you wipe your face with a tissue you can see the color left behind.  It doesn't claim to be self-adjusting, and it did not seem to adjust on my pale forearm, so I'm not sure how well it works for the really pale complected. 
If you are not a fan of silicones, you are are not going to like this, as it is full of them.  I took a sample size with me on my trip to D.C., which has a noticeably dryer climate than humid Mobile, and I thought it did a good job in both climates.  I've got excessively oily skin and find that it does help prolong the wear of my foundation.
Naked Skin Beauty Balm is priced at $34 for 1 ounce, which is pricey compared to Asian BB creams, but comparable to many of the mid-range American BB creams.  Again, I don't consider this comparable to the Asian BB creams I've tried, but do like it as a primer!

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.


  1. Hmm I agree that this is only really good as a primer. My friend tried it and didn't like it at all, there was just sooo little coverage!

    1. Yes, they should have marketed it as a primer with skin care benefits, IMO.